Good vision and good grades go hand in hand because 80% of what kids learn in school is presented visually.  Given that 1 in 4 kids have a vision problem, it's easy to see (or maybe not) why a back-to-school eye exam with an eye doctor is so important.


Set your kids up for success.  Be sure to set up a comprehensive eye exam!


Pop Quiz, Parents!

What is the recommended age for a first comprehensive eye exam?   Believe it or not, but it's at SIX MONTHS!

What percent of learning is through done through vision?   80 PERCENT f what a child learns is through their eyes, while 25 PERCENT of school-age children have a vision problem that may affect their learning and behavior. 

How often should your child receive a comprehensive eye exam?  ONCE A YEAR (unless your optometrist advises otherwise)

How much does it cost for a comprehensive eye exam for children 19 years old and under? IT'S COVERED BY OHIP.  In ontario, children are covered annually for comprehensive eye exams

Our Mission


Above all else we want to take care of the overall well being of our patients while keeping their values in mind.  

We're here to provide the best eye care, excellent products, and exceptional services to those who choose our practice.  We want our patients to feel comfortable and look their best with what they choose.  

Our Values

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We strive for continual improvement in ourselves, the practice, and the community we live in to enhance the quality of life for the people we serve.