Comprehensive Eye Exams & Routine Check Ups

Comprehensive Eye Exams are an important part of primary vision care. Without a thorough examination by your optometrist, the subtle signs of various ocular diseases can be overlooked and can result in life changing vision loss and deterioration of ocular health.

Many eye diseases spare vision at first and then slowly deteriorate it.  The key is early diagnosis and prevention before eyesight is lost.  An eye exam is much more than just checking for the need of glasses.  Schedule your full eye exam today with Comly Eye Care and let us take care of you.

Each exam is completed with advanced equipment and retinal photography for the best care we can give.   Modern technology enables us to determine the most precise prescription and detect early ocular diseases.

Children & Pediatric Eye Care

Starting at just 6 months old we start eye examinations with children. Completed differently than adult exams we check for other items that affect children differently, in particular for school and learning. Good students have better eyesight as 80% of learning is done visually. We’ll ensure your child has optimal vision for all their tasks in school.



  1. Visual Acuity - How well they can see the chalkboard or seeing at near. Even if they don’t know their letters we use shapes and if that doesn’t work there is another test we can do.

  2. Refraction - Determines the power if they need glasses. Even at the young age of 6 months old we can determine if your little one needs glasses or not with a retinoscope and skiascopy bars.

  3. Focusing Power - Being able to read and write for sustained periods of time and the ability to change focus from the chalkboard to their book is essential for all school aged children.

  4. Eye Teaming Skills - Eye teaming and coordination is important for following balls during play and reading accurately across the page. Poor eye teaming skills can lead to skipping letters or words, eyestrain, and can cause double vision.

  5. Visual Perception and colour vision - How we perceive and interpret the images we see. Even if the image is clear, our brain still has to interpret everything.

LEns Programs for CHILDREN

  • Eye See Eye Learn (ESEL) Program - A program set up for students in Junior Kindergarten to receive a free pair of eyeglasses if needed.  This program was developed by the Ontario Association of Optometrists to raise awareness among parents to have their children's eyes checked by an optometrist before school. 

  • Eye-M-Growing Program - A program for those fast growing children up to the age of 16. If they have a prescription change, damaged lenses, or lose their glasses a second pair of lenses are covered at no extra charge.

DID YOU KNOW - OHIP covers children’s eye exams up until the age of 19 years old

Advanced Care

  • Glaucoma - Progressive damage to your optic nerve that can reduce peripheral vision. We monitor, diagnose, and treat glaucoma with goldmann tonometry to determine intraocular pressure (IOP), visual fields, retinal imaging, and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).

  • Macular Degeneration - The macula is the area in the eye responsible for our central vision which gives us our most precise vision. If this area deteriorates it makes driving, reading, and even recognizing people difficult. We monitor the macular health with retinal imaging, fundus autofluorescence, and OCT to look for early changes and suggest lifestyle changes to help prevent the onset and progression.

  • Cataracts - A natural process where the lens of your eye becomes cloudy and disrupts your vision. We monitor this progression to determine when cataract surgery is needed and will refer to an ophthalmologist to do surgery.

  • Diabetic Eye Exams - Because diabetes can affect the blood vessels in the eye annual dilated eye exams are necessary. Reports are sent to your family practitioner to help adjunct diabetic monitoring.

  • LASIK and other Refractive surgeries - Full LASIK pre and post operative care is completed in our office. Surgery is done with an ophthalmologist but with the convenience of follow ups done locally. Refractive lens exchange is also an option.

  • Dry Eyes, Ocular Allergies, and Eye Infection treatments

  • Emergency Eye Care - This can range from eye infections, corneal scratches, to sudden vision loss. We will assess the damage, treat accordingly, and provide the next steps. If there is an emergency call our office right away. If our office is not open or we’re not available go to the nearest emergency room.

Contact Lens Exams

For New Wearers and the Experienced

New Wearers - We do complete education on how to insert, remove, and care for your contacts. From as young as 11 years old to patients who may want to wear multifocals, you can have the freedom of not wearing glasses.

Experienced Wearers - We do contact lens checks to ensure a proper fit and adjust powers accordingly or maybe try a different lenses to improve comfort or even upgrade to multifocals.

Fits for troubling Astigmatism - There are many new parameters for those who have astigmatism.

RGP and Specialty Fits