Comprehensive Eye Exams and Routine Check Ups

Comprehensive Eye Exams are an important part of primary vision care. Without a thorough examination by your optometrist, the subtle signs of various ocular diseases can be overlooked and can result in life changing vision loss and deterioration of ocular health.

Many eye diseases spare vision at first and then slowly deteriorate it.  The key is early diagnosis and prevention before eyesight is lost.  An eye exam is much more than just checking for the need of glasses.  Schedule your full eye exam today with Comly Eye Care and let us take care of you.

Each exam is completed with advanced equipment and retinal photography for the best care we can give.   Modern technology enables us to determine the most precise prescription and detect ocular diseases early.

Children's Eye Care

  • Starting at just 6 months old we can determine if glasses are needed and we check for major diseases within the eye. 
  • During school 80% of learning is done visually.  We ensure proper eyesight and teaming skills that may be associated with poor grades or behavioural issues.


  • Eye See Eye Learn (ESEL) Program - A program set up for students in Junior Kindergarten to receive a free pair of eyeglasses if needed.  This program was developed by the Ontario Association of Optometrists to raise awareness among parents to have their children's eyes checked by an optometrist before school. 

  • Eye-M-Growing Program - A program for those fast growing children up to the age of 15.  If they have a prescription change, damaged lenses, or lose their glasses a second pair of lenses are covered at no extra charge.  



Advanced Care

  • Glaucoma - We treat and manage glaucoma with pressure checks, visual fields and more.  
  • Macular Degeneration - We monitor the retinal health with retinal photography and fundus autofluorescence to look for early changes and suggest lifestyle changes to help prevent the onset.
  • Cataract Assessment with Pre and Post Operative Care.
  • Diabetic Ocular Health Checks
  • Dry Eyes, Ocular Allergies, and Eye Infection treatments
  • LASIK Consultation with Pre and Post Operative Care


Contact Lens Exams
New Wearers and the Experienced

  • For New Wearers we do complete education on how to handle and care for contacts for young patients and older patients who may require multifocals.
  • For the Experienced Contact Lens Wearer we do checks to ensure a proper fit or adjust powers accordingly or can try different lenses if indicated. 
  • Fits for troubling Astigmatism
  • Solutions for those over 40 years old who are having trouble reading (who find it difficult to read)
  • RGP and Specialty Fits